Sex Unshackled with Becky Crepsley-Fox

Gender dysphoria

August 13, 2021

In this episode I speak with Rhi Kemp-Davies about gender dysphoria. We discuss trans and non binary folks relationships and sexual difficulties. We talk about how to provide support to people you know who are experiencing these issues and how to find euphoria in your life.


Dating apps that were discussed in this episode:


About Rhi:

Rhi is a Welsh, chubby, queer, non-binary, transmasculine sex and relationship therapist. They are the only trans sex therapist in Wales.They have a private practice in South East Wales for half of the week and for the other half Rhi work for the TransPlus project based in 56 Dean Street, London, which is revolutionising the Gender Identity Clinic experience for trans people. Rhi is the psychosexual therapist in the team. Rhi's pronouns are they/them.


Where to find Rhi:

Instagram: @mxrhikempdavies

Twitter: @mxrhikempdavies


Where to find me:

Instagram - @becky_crepsley_fox

TikTok - @becky_crepsley_fox

Clubhouse - @becky_c_fox

Facebook - Becky Crepsley-Fox

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