Sex Unshackled with Becky Crepsley-Fox

Sex and relationships for the emotionally intense/highly sensitive person

May 14, 2021

In this episode I speak with Imi Lo about what an emotionally intense and highly sensitive person is, some problems they might encounter and ways for them to navigate sex and relationships. 


About imi:

Imi Lo is a Psychotherapist, Art Therapist, and Consultant for emotionally intense and highly sensitive people. She is the Founder of Eggshell Therapy and Coaching and author of the book Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity, which is available in multiple languages. She specialises in emotional intensity, high sensitivity, giftedness, complex trauma (CPTSD), and personality disorders.

Imi is qualified as a Clinical Psychotherapist (UKCP), Creative Arts Therapist (ANZACATA), Schema Therapist (ISST), Philosophical Counsellor (NPCA), Mentalisation-based Treatment Practitioner (BPC), Clinical Supervisor and Mindfulness Teacher. With more than a decade of experience, she has worked in the NHS, charities and other mental health settings. Now, as an independent consultant, she works holistically, combining East and Western philosophies with psychological and spiritual healing modalities.

Imi is the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards including the Endeavour Award by the Australian Government. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and is committed to creating social changes.

She has been featured as a pioneer in the field in publications such as The Psychologies Magazine, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, and The Daily Mail. Her work appears on Psychology Today, Psych Central and other online platforms.

Leaving home at a young age, Imi has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. She has been a school therapist, suicide counsellor, social worker, artist, mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, holistic healer, and psychotherapy trainer. 

Combining her life-long passion and clinical expertise, she founded Eggshell Therapy and Coaching, where she works with intense people from around the world.


Where to find Imi:


Imi's book:

The Book: Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity


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Instagram - @becky_crepsley_fox
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