Sex Unshackled with Becky Crepsley-Fox

Sexual dysfunction in adolescence

September 11, 2021

In this episode I speak with Grace Alice O'Shea about sexual dysfunction as a young person. We discuss how to support young people who are experiencing this, Grace's personal experience as well as how aspects of this have influenced her sexuality. 


About Grace:

Grace Alice O’ Shea has been a Sex & Relationships Educator for over 5 years. She originally trained as an Occupational Therapist at University College Cork, before completing her Masters in Health Promotion at NUI Galway. Her MA research focused on adolescent body image, and she has also worked in two UNESCO research roles. She is particularly interested in the psychological, sociological and political aspects of sex and relationships. Much of her education work focuses on sexual consent, communication, body image, pleasure, stigma, sexual norms, forming healthy and happy relationships and how people relate to themselves and each other as sexual beings. 


Where to find Grace:

Instagram @gnéas_le_grace


Where to find me:

Instagram - @becky_crepsley_fox

TikTok - @becky_crepsley_fox

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Facebook - Becky Crepsley-Fox

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